CNC workshop at Badalona

What do we do?

Tadelmo is an expert workshop on the CNC mechanization by metal removing process which offers its products to companies from automotive industry, tools fabrication, stamping industry, aluminium, valving, and machinery manufacturers.
To manufacture our products we have a wide range of machinery.

Finetech milling center
 Mod. SMV Series 1270-H3L
Sizes: X 1200 - Y 700 - Z 650

•3 Brother milling centers

 Mod. TC-32 with double pallet
 Sizes: X450-Y320-Z410


•CNC lathe Okuma LB300 
With mothorized turret
Mechanising sizes ø370 x 100

•CNC lathe Okuma LB12
Equipped with HIDROBAR NLS.  ø 45 maximum bar capacity
Mechanising sizes ø200 x 350

•CNC lathe Okuma
Equipped with HIDROBAR NLS. ø 65 maximum bar capacity
Mechanising sizes ø310 x 480

•CNC lathe Okuma ECO
Mechanising sizes ø220 x 450

•Two CNC lathe Okuma LB15
ø 50 maximum bar capacity
Mechanising sizes ø250 x 550

•CNC lathe Okuma LB25
Mechanising sizes ø350 x 1250

• Hartford milling center
Sizes: X510-Y400-Z400

• Okuma milling center
 Sizes: X750-Y500-Z500

•Hartford milling center
Sizes: X1020-Y400-Z400
Equipped with amb fourth axis

•Three dimension machine
Sizes: X500-Y400-Z400

• Ibarnia column drill
ø45 bit

•Milling machine equipped with digitals

Tadelmo S.L. · Torrent Vallmajor s/n Nave 14 08911 Badalona (93 464 42 35)