CNC workshop at Badalona

Who are we?

Tadelmo is a company with more than 30 years on the mechanization sector for industrial pieces by metal removing process. Tadelmo was born from Talleres Blanco and it is located in Badalona (Barcelona – Spain) since 1.998. Badalona is craddle of one of the greatest industrial development of the country on the 90´s and also a place with a wide range of metal industry companies.

After a few years offering CNC products in a shop of Cervantes street at Badalona, the company’s development and the aim to offer last generation CNC mechanization, moves Tadelmo to a brand new localization with two wide factories at Can Ribó.


With the upcoming of the new millennium, Tadelmo made a big machinery investment aiming for the best CNC manufacturing products quality by adquiring several numeric control machines and some machining centers with double pallet. Afterwards, the addition of milling centers transforms Tadelmo in one of the main workshops until today.

Tadelmo is formed by a human team of manufacturers with a long experience and a big knowledge regarding CNC production. It also has a quality and administration department.

Tadelmo has a very long history and has the confidences of its clients from different branches from industrial sector. Among our well known customer base that had believed in us we have Aernova Aerospace SA. , Vidremot, Doga or Decelane.

Nowadays our company is currently in a certification process for ISO 9001 normative.

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